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Selasa, 09 September 2008

Do you like crispy tempura? Tempura is deep fried vegetable or seafood, which is commonly eaten in Japan. If you know some tips, it's not so hard to make delicious tempura at home. All ingredients can be found easily at your local grocery stores. Actually, you can make tempura with almost anything. For example, tempura banana and tempura ice cream are tasty!

Basic Steps for Cooking Tempura:
Prepare the ingredients.
tempura batter.
Heat vegetable oil in a deep pan to 340-350F degree.
Lightly dip ingredients in the batter and immediately fry them until crisp. It takes longer to fry vegetables than to fry seafood.
Drain tempura on a rack.
Serve right away with tentsuyu (tempura dipping sauce) or salt. Tempura is best served hot. *Grated daikon radish is a common condiment.

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